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Hello There Helps You Keep Cards without the Clutter

My wife has a problem with greeting cards. She buys them and hates to get rid of them when she receives them. Here we are in…

My wife has a problem with greeting cards. She buys them and hates to get rid of them when she receives them. Here we are in mid-September and I still have an Easter card up on the fridge because it’s “too cute” to pitch. I’m not sure I can convince my wife that Hello There is the solution but it is a unique way to capture those memories without having to clutter up your kitchen.

Here’s the pitch. Rather than storing all of your cards, scan them into Hello There where they can live on forever. You can add all the corresponding data such as notes about the card, who sent it, when they sent it, and more. You can then revisit those cards at any point within Hello The app can group cards based on purpose — anniversary, birthday, Christmas, etc — that can be customized with custom gradient backgrounds that blend in to user-uploaded photos.

As you get a lot of cards, it is important to be able to find them, so instead of just the aforementioned folder structure, you can search through cards too. Search descriptions and among other fields. When viewing all the cards, you can filter or sort them to winnow the list down or use the Instagram-inspired people profiles at the top to choose cards sent by a specific person. For those that like stats, you may appreciate the bar charts that Hello There creates to show the frequency of which you receive cards and who they’re from.

Ryan has just released Hello There and as a new app, it was able to take advance of new iOS features quickly and with minimal reworking of the app. For example, it supports both Lock Screen and Home Screen widgets. Your Home Screen widgets will show photos of recent cards you’ve gotten in a couple different sizes. It’s an awesome way to be reminded of cards you’ve forgotten about. On the Lock Screen, you can see a running tally of how many cards you got in the past year — or see an adorable reminder of how many people love you. I mean, at least based on their card-sending frequency.

This well-designed iOS app has a slew of background choices in lovely gradients, customizable app icons, iCloud sync, and Face ID protection. These days, I don’t send a lot of cards myself but it still fun to get them myself in the mail. I should probably do a better job of sending them out. Maybe as I immortalize the cards I receive, it will be a reminder to spread the love myself.

But enough about other people's apps.


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