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Hipstamatic Brings Your Camera Back in Fashion

We all snap photos with our phones every day, most often in the stock camera app. There’s been plenty of camera apps with niche features…

We all snap photos with our phones every day, most often in the stock camera app. There’s been plenty of camera apps with niche features like manual control, long-exposure effects, or in-app editing. Hipstamatic Classic — as well as the new Hipstamatic X — has its own angle. It turns your smartphone into a retro-inspired camera.

Within Hipstamatic, you can create your own camera. There are tons of vintage bodies for you to choose from, various colors to adjust, lenses to mount, and more. Once you build your cameras, they’re added to your camera bag. Cameras can operate different, based on their style. For example, a sprocket camera will use 35mm film and add sprocket holes to your image. There’s others like instant cameras, pinhole cameras, and tintype.

Once you’ve shot some photos, you can edit them. Hipstamatic provides a full editing sweet to compliment the vintage vibes. There are sliders that mimic real-world physical controls to adjust things like the lens type, the film, color effects, light leaks, and focus.

Hipstamatic rewards photography, gifting out stamps as you go. These stamps go in your photo passport, complete with dates, paper background, and page-turning effect. If you have friends using Hipstamatic you can join them and add them as a buddy. Buddies shots will be shown in your feed as they’re taken.

Though Hipstamatic has been around for ages, it continues to get new updates. It was just recently updated with new lenses and films to keep the app feeling fresh. Each of these provides its own look so combined with each other, and the existing lenses and films, there are countless new options and styles.

It’s impressive how much effort and how many updates were added to Hipstamatic over the years. It was once bestowed App of the Year from the App Store while under the auspices of Steve Jobs but has only grown since then. It still takes advantage of new iOS features such as widgets. You can see your Photo Passport on your Home Screen as you progress or see the leaderboard with your buddies. Whether you feel like going full-on hipster or you just love the vintage style of photos you can capture, Hipstamatic is a great app to try out.

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