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HotelTonight Almost Gamifies Hotel Stays

More often than not, our hotel excursions are planned well in advance. My better half will look for places, check the areas, and find activities…

More often than not, our hotel excursions are planned well in advance. My better half will look for places, check the areas, and find activities nearby before booking a hotel well enough ahead of time to lock in a good discount. But if you’re someone who travels frequently or is comfortable picking up those bookings at the last minute, HotelTonight may be worth checking out. 

In a way, they’ve almost gamified hotel stays. Each day is full of new hotel discounts. When you open the app for the day it will have a touted “daily drop” where you have to swipe and interact to reveal your exclusive discount. A neat premise that may incentivize you to try out new quarters. 

HotelTonight boosts speed as another of its main benefits, which makes sense when you’re someone in need of a hotel at the last minute. Payments can be completed via Apple Pay so that you’re able to process your stay quickly. Hotels can be favored too, also increasing the overall speed for frequent travelers. That said, hotels can be booked up to 100 days in advance, so don’t think you have to use it just the day of. 

There are plenty of options in the app when looking for a stay. Pet-friendly hotels are easily filterable and there are categories for basic, hip, or luxe to further help you refine your needs. Hotels have reviews, photos, and ratings based on other fellow travelers. 

Regarding the app's design, HotelsTonight didn’t reinvent the wheel here. It looks like your standard bookings app with individual cards for each hotel with the name and price listed below. They also show the rating info and price discounts to encourage those bookings. This UI is tried and true so there's no reason to tear it apart. The colors look great though; leaning into the  “tonight” half of the name it uses a dark blue background with purple accents that also carry through the brand’s icon. 

HotelTonight has a lot of value. It covers a wide range of hotels from the bougie to the budget and even considers your four-legged friends. It’s got a simple, information-heavy layout that makes sense and streamlines the checkout process as much as possible, leaning on Apple tech like Apple Pay. If you are traveling within a few months, check out HotelTonight and see how it compares.

But enough about other people's apps.


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