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Remove the Stress of Organizing Housework with ZenDen: The Household Task Manager

ZenDen is a household task manager app that plans, organizes, and manages chore distribution so all you have to worry about is getting the chores…

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Are you that one roommate that usually keeps a mental tab on what needs to get done around the house? Household chores are already taxing enough, you shouldn’t also have to take on the burden of planning and managing chores as well. Imagine how easy it would be if there was a tool that automatically assigned tasks fairly to each roommate. Our App of the Week, ZenDen, is the household task manager that helps you find the zen in household tasks.

Husband and wife Peter Livesey and Alice Avery spent 18 months traveling the world. Once they began to settle down, they didn’t want stress to take over their lives, especially stress from household chores. The idea for ZenDen sparked when they wanted to prevent either party from taking on the mental load of organizing and following up on chores. Not only were they husband and wife, but the two were also skilled indie developers, so they created ZenDen to solve their worries.

ZenDen takes on the task of planning, organizing, following up, and managing household chore distribution, so you only have to worry about getting the chores done. This household task manager equitably rotates tasks between roommates; all you have to do is add recurring tasks and ZenDen does the assigning for you. You can also create reminders for specific tasks so they don’t slip your mind and you can still hold your end of the deal. Have a busy week ahead of you? You can skip or snooze a task and ZenDen will use the “Keep It Fair” feature to automatically reassign and adjust task distribution.

What’s great about ZenDen is it removes the worry of questioning when the last time the bathroom was cleaned. The history filter holds roommates accountable by showing what tasks were completed by who. Do all the roommates share the stock of basic groceries like milk or garbage bags to be picked up by scrap metal recycling Newcastle? ZenDen has a shared grocery list feature so roommates are aware of what’s needed while they’re out shopping. The catch to ZenDen is that it’s free to download, but does require a subscription eventually. After a 30 day free trial, you can continue to use ZenDen for $2.49/month or $11.99/year.

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With a 4.5/5 star rating, ZenDen is the go-to app for household task management. ZenDen is fairly new to the world, having launched in December 2019, but just in time to follow through with those new year resolutions of keeping a tidy home. ZenDen is gaining popularity, having 35 upvotes on Product Hunt within a month of launch and being featured in the App Store under “Apps We Love Right Now.”

Enjoy your clean home and stress less by downloading ZenDen.

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