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How Gmail Snooze Failed to One-Up

    Let’s face it- at this exact moment, you probably have a ton of stickies decorating your computer screen. It’s okay, many of us…


Let’s face it- at this exact moment, you probably have a ton of stickies decorating your computer screen. It’s okay, many of us do. But came along to solve this issue. is an application that allows users to attach reminder notifications to emails in a clear and organized fashion. There are no tricky setup requirements and no hidden settings that are difficult to maneuver. Reminds You To Respond

With the high influx of emails that you receive on a daily basis, it’s virtually impossible to remember every person who you want to respond to or email. Despite that, since smartphones have ushered in an era of complete Internet connectivity, people expect you to respond to every message in a timely fashion. This can create problems for the busy worker whose schedule never seems to lighten up. makes it simple. All you have to do is add as another recipient to the email you want a reminder for, and at the scheduled time, you will receive your “don’t forget” email. For example, if you want a 1 pm reminder to respond to an email, just add [email protected] as another recipient of the email. Then, everyone in your email conversation will receive reminders at the scheduled time. It’s a win-win situation- you get to stay on top of your busy schedule and you look super organized! In addition to the reminder capabilities that awards its users, exciting features also include snooze options, calendar integrations, and contacts integrated with the emails (who can keep track of all this?).

Note to Self

Just in case you don’t want the other recipient seeing your reminder email, you can just add your email address in the Bcc field and you will be the only one to see the reminder. Then, without having to remember yourself, your reminder will be sent to you and you can proceed with your day, stickie note-free. Problem solved!

A FollowUp Favorite

Many FollowUp fans are particularly excited by the bookmarking feature. How often do you land upon an interesting article on a website that you just don’t have the time to read? By simply adding a bookmarklet, you’ll remember to read that page at a later time. Unlike other bookmarklet websites, will send you a reminder that you have added a bookmarklet so that you don’t just forget about it.

Gmail Snooze

Gmail’s Unsuccessful “Snooze”

After gained popularity, Gmail apps introduced the Gmail Snooze option, a knock off that paled greatly in comparison.  Despite Gmail’s reputation for quality, the snooze option fell short in just about every way. The convoluted demo video made it seem like setting reminders was more complicated than it would be to even use the old-fashioned post-its on your keyboard (that’s a step below the stickie notes on your screen). The setup involves using Google Apps Script, which many Gmail users aren’t very familiar with, and the directions on the site are unnecessarily complicated. It’s a good thing is not going anywhere soon!


Enjoy knowing that you can go about your day without having to remember every “to do”- you’ve got for that. And unlike Gmail Snooze, gives you the ability to set reminders on other email systems- not just Gmail.

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