Information is starting to get out that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 in September, Mashable reports. Apple has put in orders with manufacturers in Taiwan for a few of the big components for the phone, including an 8 megapixel camera, 3 more than the current 5 megapixel that comes with the iPhone 4. The phone will be thinner and lighter, and Apple will produce up to 25 million units by year’s end.

How can the iPhone improve?

More integrated texting:

The texting on the current iPhone is strong in individual conversations, but the group texting feature has problems. People using non-iPhones have had trouble reading mass texts, and they’ve been received as images instead of regular texts. This seems like a pretty simple fix. There’s no reason that this should be a problem on the next generation of phones.

Faster Youtube:

From using the phone, I’ve noticed that the Youtube feature is extremely slow in areas that don’t have WiFi. It’s a quick fix that could make users very happy.


This one doesn’t seem to be in the cards as of yet, but it’s the one real hole in the iPhone that isn’t just nitpicking. All videos that don’t stream through Youtube or a separate app can’t be played, and that’s a major problem. Getting flash capabilities would put the iPhone over the top as the go-to phone.


The iPhone 5’s arrival will undoubtedly make waves in the technology world when it comes out. Apple has a strong enough hold on the market that it probably has the leeway to get lazy and not make any big upgrades to the iPhone 4, yet still do well. But if it wants to really push itself, there is room for improvement out there. Go make it happen, geniuses!

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