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iPhone 5 to Feature Speech to Text Capabilities

While Android phones have had speech to text functionality for quite a while now, it appears that Apple is finally going to hop on the bandwagon.  9-to-5 Mac has received a few screenshots from the latest developer beta of iOS 5 which delineate just how simple the new feature will be to use.  All users will have to do is click the convenient microphone icon next to the space bar and start talking.  Once the key is clicked, a microphone overlay will appear for the duration of your speech.  Subsequently, text will automagically appear in the text field.


As the screenshots are from a beta version, the finished product may, of course, appear slightly different.  Furthermore, according to the source, the feature is only slated to be incorporated in Apple’s smaller devices, meaning iPad users might have to wait patiently for the opportunity to transcribe their spontaneous musings.

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