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January NY Tech Meetup – Feedback From The ColaApps Team

Last night I was fortunate enough to experience my first New York Tech Meetup. Here companies and developers demo technology they've been working on in…

Last night I was fortunate enough to experience my first New York Tech Meetup. Here companies and developers demo technology they've been working on in front of a sold out crowd. Below are the companies that demoed at last nights Meetup.

Dump.fmis a website that allows pictures to be used for real-time communication and collaboration. In many ways, it’s like a chat room, but with you can easily insert pictures into the chat. Users can send image URLs (which display instantly in the chat), upload locally from their hard drive or post pics right from their webcam. The images get stored in the users profile, where they can also save their favorite. The images or comments are usually humorous and amusing.

Jaavuu offers a universal place to share pictures where users can upload pictures to a certain event in the same gallery. Pictures appear as thumbnails that can be zoomed into to view larger or a slideshow can be used.

Munchly Is great simple idea and it's a surprise no on has created an app like this before. The app allows users to order items from concession stands on their phones. Once the order is complete the user will receive a text message that it is ready to be picked up.

Firefly is a global Twitter client that allows users to see friends in the real world. The unique feature about the app is when the phone is turned onto its side friends locations can be seen on a map. Everyone is tweeting, why not see where they are!

Sitesimon, an interesting concept, allows users can share their browsing clip stream to other users and track friends websites. Users also get points for browsing, for example if a user discovers a site before it goes viral they receive more points.

Adstruc, an auction and listing-based marketplace for outdoor advertising allows users to search for outdoor advertisement online, as opposed to a predominately “off line business”. Advertisements can be found using a number of different refinements (price, location, various demographics of those who see the advertisement etc...) and then either purchased or put a bid on for. The best feature, revealed at last nights NYTM, allows a user to upload their creative to view what it will look like on the given space.

adstruc with colaapps advertisement

Superfluid is barter system for p2p or business communities. Users offer their services for "quids", Superfluids currency, and can enlist in others services by spending their quids. This is a great site that can definitely help out in the start up world where money can sometime be tight.

Vyou, one of the nights best product demos, is a site that broadcasts videos structured by conversations. The idea is that a user asks a question to a person who has a pre-recorded answer which can be viewed. A user is asked to record two videos when signing up, one of them waiting to be asked a question and one for when they have yet to give a response. If a question is asked with no video there is an option to send it to whom it is being asked in which they will have the opportunity to answer it. Some celebrities, such as Kevin Smith and David Ortiz have already started using VYou.

vyou kevin smith

Dotgo is text messaging for the internet. Sites can set up brand interaction using mobile publishing by texting users or asking users to participate in something, such as a poll.

Guguchu offers business solutions for musicians and bands. The site allows users to sell on their own sites, blogs, and social networks.

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