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Jibe: Job Applying at the Next Level

Applying for jobs has always been an arduous process, but in recent years, services on the Internet has made it much more bearable. Being able to apply for a job without ever having to fill out a piece of paper became an online trend. LinkedIn became the place to go for job networking a few years ago, and its recent button innovation made it even easier to apply for numerous positions. Jibe, a startup company in New York City, is now also getting into that game, and they’ve taken it a step further.

Jibe works as an application website where people can find newly posted jobs, but also as a social media aggregator. Users can merge their Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts in order to see which people they know at different jobs. The users can then set up applications by merging the information they have on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, including their work history and education. Resumes and cover letters can also be attached along with references. Jibe can be used to ask Facebook and LinkedIn contacts for advice and references when applying for the jobs listed.


Jibe’s services aren’t that much different than what the LinkedIn button offers. But being able to merge Facebook and LinkedIn contacts in order to apply for new jobs that are pre-approved by Jibe could turn out to be really useful and expand one’s social network even more. Anything that makes the job searching process any easier has to be a good thing.

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