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KeepIdeas Helps You Collect and Collaborate

Gone are the days of inking ideas on the side of your hand in an effort to remember them.  Startup KeepIdeas, branching off the success of its product KeepRecipes, the iTunes for recipes, hopes to function as an online aggregate of ideas.  KeepRecipes makes it easy to gather recipes from family, friends, websites, and celebrities, such as ‘Iron Chef’ Morimoto, in one place.  KeepIdeas’ other current product, KartMe, already acts as a resource for compiling ideas, ranging from wedding planning ideas to home decor and renovation plans.  KartMe has already garnered praise from individuals who need a resource for constant collaboration, such as designers and brides.


It seems that KeepIdeas will evolve into a synthesis of the two products, melding KeepRecipes’ seamless interface and appeal with KartMe’s broader usability.  Will KeepIdeas catch on with a more general audience or will most individuals still find post-its and pens as the easiest way to keep track of their eureka moments?

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