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Keeping Up With Google Keep

Here at Fueled we practice the art of a paperless environment. The days of frantically searching for a pen and jotting down notes on a…

Here at Fueled we practice the art of a paperless environment. The days of frantically searching for a pen and jotting down notes on a Post-it have been old news to us for a long time. We thrive off of ease and instant access around here and now we have been introduced to a new note taking tool- Google Keep.

Google wants to do just what it says it’s going to do, which is helping you to keep your busy life organized. With this little helper you’re able to throw down some notes, make checklists and attach pictures to your notes. You can even make voice memos if you’re hands are too full to type at that moment. The notes are laid out on the devices screen in a mosaic pattern (either in a single column or multi column) and you can choose each individual notes color. As the user, you have the ability to drag and relocate your notes in order to organize them in any which way you want.

One of the aspects that makes Keep a helpful thing to have is the fact that there is a search function. You can search for specific notes that you have created rather than scrolling through and looking on your own. You are also able to delete or archive notes that you are done with.

Another benefit is that all your notes are kept safe in Google Drive and are then synced to all of your devices. Whether you’re on your phone, tablet or computer you’ll be able to access the notes that you have taken. Forgetting that name of that one thing from that one place that you wanted to remember that one time will never be an issue again.

Keep is currently only available for Android devices that are running on 4.0 or higher. The app (which can be found in Google Play) has a widget so it can be front and center on your phone (if you so desire) so you can easily take notes whenever you have the urge. If you are working with Android 4.2 or higher- a lock screen widget is available as well, which would give you even faster access to the app.

TechCrunch reported on how Google Keep will eventually have yet another feature that will allow you to view pre-existing notes and create new ones via Google Drive. Because of this added bonus, they can potentially gain a substantial number of users who are already avid users of Drive.

Everyone seems to be super busy these days and always on the go. With a convenient and organized app on our phone, our days will hopefully become a bit easier (especially if this Google Drive feature works out well.) We can’t wait to see what will become of Keep and how its existence will affect its competitors.

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