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Konsensus — Find the Best TV and Movies to Watch

Recently, I’ve felt perpetually behind in my TV and movie watching. There are times that I finally kick back to relax and I didn’t know where…

Recently, I’ve felt perpetually behind in my TV and movie watching. There are times that I finally kick back to relax and I didn’t know where to turn. I use the TV app on my Apple TV to track stuff but it doesn’t fully tie into every service and it lacks in recommending new shows to watch. Konsensus is a helpful app that can recommend new content as well as track of what you want to watch and what you recently watched.

The first feature that drove me to this app was the discovery aspect. There are curated sections on the app’s home page with recently released movies or recently aired TV episodes, trending collections, and top charts for TV and mini series. If I’m ever unsure of what to watch, I can check these out for something new to watch. Especially heading into the fall TV season getting ready to begin.

Say you find a TV show to watch. When you tap into it, you’ll see its place on the top charts, a poster, and when it will next air. Arguably the best trick is that Konsensus shows you exactly where you can watch this video. It breaks it down between subscription locations and locations to buy it. Tapping the streaming services jumps you there to begin watching. Other information includes the companies who created it, how many episodes or sequels there are, and the cast and crew. You can jump into IMDb if you want to get additional data on a title.

The app has a clean UI with both a white aesthetic and a dark version. The At a Glance home tab gives you a timely suggestions based on movies or TV shows that are imminently airing or recently released. You can slide over the primary navigation menu to jump into any lists you’ve created. It’s all full of large artwork and lists that lead you to going down rabbit holes, discovering more content to watch.

This app is available exclusively on Apple’s platforms and the developer has tied into many unique features. Dark mode can be toggled by the system-wide setting and text adjusts with the system-wide font size. There are multiple widget that can live on your Home Screen to keep you up to date on what to watch without even launching the app. Finally, it’s a universal app that can be used on iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

I’m pretty vocal about my love of TV and movies. It’s incredible how hundreds of individualscan work together to create content that so many people enjoy. It can be funny, scary, thrilling, informational, and more. Konsensus is basically a social network tailored to celebrating the works on the big and small screen and I love it.

But enough about other people's apps.


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