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Lingvist: Your Personalized Language Learning App

Lingvist is a language learning app that uses artificial intelligence to personalize your course to your learning needs in real-time.

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As the new year approaches, we start to brainstorm what our resolution for the year will be. Learning a new language sounds fun and intriguing, only until you actually put it into practice and are unsure of how or where to start. Do you start with an online program? Do you take a class? Do you crack open a book from the library? The resources are endless and the self-guidance is overwhelming. Our App of the Week, Lingvist, is your personalized language learning app that provides all the resources and guidance you need to kickstart your new year’s resolution.

In the mountains of Switzerland, a team at CERN was hard at work discovering the Higgs Boson. Mait Müntel was a part of this team and had been living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for years, but hadn’t learned the language and didn’t have the resources to. Giving the learning process one last shot, he approached it with a mindset of learning like math. He built a prototype that drew upon the machine learning technology that he had used at work. After using the prototype and successfully passing a high school level French exam, Müntel built a proof of concept for Lingvist in 2013, and by 2014 was chosen to participate in TechStars London accelerator program. With an app launching in 2015, Lingivst is still changing the future of language learning as it continues to develop with the support of investors.

Lingvist is a language learning service available on web and mobile to help users learn Spanish, French, German, Russian, or English. Using machine learning technology, Lingvist adapts to your learning level in real-time to tailor the course around what you need to learn. Lingvist helps you make progress and fast by skipping material you already know and staying focused on what you will use most. The flashcards feature provides you with example sentences created by language specialists. Daily challenges and daily cards help ensure that you learn something new every day in your learning journey. With a native-sounding virtual voice, it’s easier to learn the pronunciation of words to help you perfect your vocabulary.

Unfortunately, not everything is free. Lingvist comes at a subscription cost ($19.99/month, $39.99/3 months, $79.99/1 year). Lingvist also uses artificial intelligence by providing speech recognition for handsfree learning and pronunciation when you sign up for the subscription. For free members, you can learn up to 2000 words, but with a subscription, you can learn over 5000 words in any of the languages provided. The subscription also provides unlimited daily cards, daily learning challenges, and course focuses to help you hone in on your skills.

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Setting itself apart from other language learning resources, Lingvist has a 4.7/5 star rating in the App Store. TechAdvisor and FluentU have featured Lingivst as some of the best apps to learn a language quickly. TIME featured Lingvist as one of the best websites to learn something new and HuffPost featured Lingvist in a piece about how technology is helping people learn new languages. 

Commit to learning a new language and download Lingvist.

But enough about other people's apps.


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