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Best Time Tracker App: Life Cycle Tells You Where Your Time Went With Graphs

Meet Life Cycle, the app that tracks pretty much everything you do. Recommended for: Fitbit enthusiasts; Might not be a good fit for: Edward Snowden.

Life Cycle app activities tracker

We all know about Sleep Cycle, one of the world’s favorite alarm/sleep tracking/snoring recording apps (and that’s not just imo — Sleep Cycle was crowned as one of the best apps of the year in 2016 by the loveable nerds at Apple themselves. But what we might not all have known is that the masterminds behind Sleep Cycle are also responsible for another groundbreaking app, one that lets you essentially become your own personal stalker.

Meet Life Cycle: The App That Tracks Your Life Schedule

Curious about how much time you spend on your commute? Eager to know how much of the last month was spent exercising or Netflix and chilling?

Life Cycle tracks your daily life and helps you detect trends. It’s pretty smart too: the app can detect when you’ve moved to a new location, as long as it’s at least 500 feet away. You can link Life Cycle to your Sleep Cycle app if you have it to track your sleeping habits, and get detailed summaries and analyses of pretty much everything you do. All that and more, using less than 1% of your phone’s precious battery life (the only catch is that when you sign up, you get 30 days for free, and then it’s $9.99 per year.)

Life Cycle activities tracker

Recommended for: data addicts, burgeoning/professional narcissists, visual learners, Fitbit evangelists, journal-keeping enthusiasts, interns who are starting to suspect that they’re spending way more time at the office than the legal limit permits.

Might not be a good fit for: Edward Snowden, people who are a tad creeped out by the “Always On” option for location services, people who don’t want a constant reminder of how much time they spend at IHOP.

A very special thanks to our fearless marketing team member Hao for letting us share her extremely personal life details with the world via Life Cycle screenshots.

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