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Linkedin Buttons Up!

This week, LinkedIn made applying for jobs much easier by launching an “Apply with LinkedIn” button across the Internet, Ben Parr from Mashable reports. The button will work in the same way that the Facebook “Like” button and Twitter “Tweet” button do. Wherever there’s a job post on the Internet, people will be able to send their LinkedIn profile as an application. They’ll also be able to see what jobs they applied for on LinkedIn. Also, possible employees can ask people in their network that work for the company for a referral. This makes it easier for businesses to screen employee applications as well. LinkedIn’s uniformity makes it easy to see how qualified candidates are without having to sift through resumes.


This is a pretty cool idea that LinkedIn’s come up with. One of the hardest parts of applying for jobs is knowing where to send the resume and trying to track whether or not it made it to its intended destination. This new feature makes everything much more standardized. Employees benefit from the ease of the application, employers can figure out who they want much more easily, and LinkedIn gets more exposure in the process. Win, win, win.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t become a trend and Facebook starts catching on to it. People are going to REALLY need to edit their photos.

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