Ever look at your phone and wonder how your inbox balloons up with so many unread messages so fast? We do.

Here at Fueled cleaning out your inbox regularly is both a necessity and a headache, which is why we're all getting excited about a new app we discovered called Mailbox. This app is designed purely to manage your emails so that you can easily get to them or get them out of the way, schedule them, or even file them for quick access later.

The app is free, however there is a lengthy queue of participants (around 800,000!) that are waiting to register for the service that is said to revolutionize the way we handle e-mail. The long wait is made so that the service avoids any potential system crashes. Once you get the app, you’ll receive a reservation number that marks your spot on the line and it will also display the number of users that are currently ahead of you as well as behind you. The app currently supports Gmail, but is looking to grow its audience by adding more email platforms in the future.

Swiping and gesturing is what makes this app tick. A swipe to the right archives email, while a swipe to the left swipe snoozes a message. A longer swipe to the right will delete a message while a longer swipe to the left will let you file the email in a specific folder. Although there is no visual cue that is set to tell you how the app works, the simple gesturing will be mastered by regular and power users alike.

Snoozing an email is a widely popular feature that is utilized in the app. Snoozing allows you to address a message at a specific time, be it later in the day, tomorrow, next week, etc. Once its snoozed, your iPhone will send you notification that will remind you to address the message that your deferred away.

Mailbox has already received positive reviews from tech enthusiasts so much to say that it has become their default mail application of choice. Given the popularity and recognition that this app is facing, one can only wonder what their next pivot would be.

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