How To Make Your App Successful Before It Launches

A groundbreaking app idea has finally come to you - now you have to mold it into a well-rounded concept. Read these mobile app launch…

That groundbreaking idea for an app has finally come to you – now you just have to refine and mold it into a well-rounded app concept. But, before you can throw things into full swing, there are some steps that need to be taken to ensure your app’s success.

Find the Right Developers and Designers

If you can't develop an app yourself, then seek out a proper team of developers to build your product. Dig deep and do your research so you can find the  developers and designers that fit your needs. Using someone who doesn't understand you, or your vision, can be dangerous.


Generating Buzz

After finding the right developer and designer, the next step is getting people to learn about your future app. To do this you need to create buzz.

Here are a couple ideas:

  • Write up a tech blog for your app and fill it with previews of the elegant features your app possesses. Include videos, photos, and any relevant information. Apply demos to the site so users can get a taste of what it will feel like to use the product in the future. Be sure to link the app store so your users can find and download your app. When creating content for your site, remember to utilize keywords as much as you can to make your site search engine optimized (SEO). SEO can boost your rankings in Google search making users more likely to stumble upon your site, and your app.
  • Do your research – have your app come out when the highest amount of readers are online. How do competitors market themselves and what is their revenue model? Launching app giveaways, running contests and previewing demos are just a few ways to intrigue the blogosphere.
  • Get people to test your app in order to create interest. Good user experience will lead to one of the best forms of marketing: positive word of mouth. The more people hear from others that the app is worth your download, the more likely it is they will give it a try themselves.
  • Before you release your app, be sure to craft a press release announcing it to interested media outlets such as tech blogs, and app review sites. Apple, for example, takes a look at positive press coverage when deciding which apps to display in featured app sections in the App Store.

Without buzz, your app could get lost in the millions of apps within the app store (it’s scary how many there are). Marketing your app is just as important as the idea and development.

Branding and Logo

To understand why a logo is important think about this: every good superhero has a recognizable emblem, and the world’s biggest brands are recognizable immediately by their symbol. Spider Man without his suit is just a weirdo doing parkour.


Not only is the app’s logo the face of your new product, but it is how your app is recognized and how it will be remembered. An exceptional trademark makes your app stand out in the competitive market and offers an eye-catching edge.

When you create your logo make sure you have higher quality resolution photos for press and marketing purposes, or it will look cheap and lazy.

Video Previews - Anticipation is Key!

Take your clients through a visual online experience before they get the actual in app experience. Use different screen capturing softwares to walk your clients through the apps features. Upload the cinematic experience to YouTube with the proper editing and you’ve got yourself a prime outlet for gaining an early audience.

A Slammin’ Pitch

You should formulate pitches for different purposes with flexible lengths. Pitches should range from a few concise sentences for featured sections that touch on the main selling points to longer pitches for press releases that are rich and interesting.

People love to find the latest and greatest tools out on the market, so giving your app early exposure is always a great direction to start.

The ranking algorithm, unique to the app store, dictates the necessity to attract a large pool of downloads in as short a time as possible in order to rank higher. This algorithm shows just how important it is to get the ball rolling early on. So stay ahead of your competitors by getting things started before your app launched so you can hit the ground running.

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