The brilliant designers and developers at Fueled have put together a new masterpiece.  Ribbon.

Founded by Tony Alfaro, Ribbon is designed to allow users to literally map their future plans.

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 1,000 other social networks we can usually figure out where are friends currently are at all times, or where they were recently. But what if we want to find out where they will be in the future? Isn’t that what making plans with friends is all about?  Well our good friends at Ribbon have gone ahead and solved this for us.

Ribbon is a whole new take on social event planning. Start by selecting a future date, entering a trip, and see your event show up on an interactive map. You can use the map to find out who will be in that area at the same time as you, allowing you to uncover previously unknown social and business meetup opportunities. The map that sports dynamic pins and will show your where your friends will be on that day and any other day you select.  Ribbon accomplishes this by syncing with your social account and feeds.

Users can plan their own trip to specific locations, sporting events, concerts, etc. as well as “join” a friend’s trip. Ribbon even combines all events featuring specific artists or teams. For example, if you were to search for “Jay-Z” or the “New York Yankees”, all of their events would appear on the screen. This allows people to select multiple events they will be attending in one fell swoop. Once a trip is added it will be shared via your social media accounts, allowing everyone to know where you will be.

The app is visually stunning and features custom illustrations for most cities and events. Illustrations for cities feature important landmarks and professional sports teams feature their colors. What this does is give Ribbon a style and attention to detail that distinguishes itself from most others.

Ribbon is a revolutionary app that is going to change the way we plan trips. The fully interactive map and calendar features leave the user fully in control of the experience. Not only is it fun to use and look at, it most importantly makes planning events so much easier.

We love it...that’s why we built it.

Sing up to download the app today at

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