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Best App to Fight Depression: Track and Improve Your Mental Health With MoodPath

MoodPath is a mental health tracking app that asks you daily questions on your emotional and physical well being. Let it be your ultimate safe…

mental health app

It’s officially Mental Health Month, and we’re standing in solidarity for those who are struggling with mental illnesses while having to balance their everyday lives.

In 2016, Mark Goering and Felix Frauendorf collaborated with multiple doctors, clinics, and research companies to create an app that would advance capabilities for mental health professionals and their patients. Their finished product? MoodPath, a Berlin-based app dedicated to providing the most accurate e-counseling resources. Even now, they continue to conduct vital research that will improve the app, making it an ongoing, ever-changing platform with up-to-date mental health services for its users.

MoodPath is a mental health tracking app that asks you daily questions on your emotional and physical well being. Every check-up that’s sent to your phone in the morning, afternoon, and evening archives your answers into a bi-weekly assessment of your overall mood. MoodPath uses your data to present a detailed overview of your mental health— and if there’re certain thought patterns that you want to explore a bit deeper, you can generate the assessment into a formal letter for your doctor.

Reminiscent of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the app provides a separate page of audio and written exercises that are meant to help you recall, process, and resolve maladaptive habits you might have developed, has great products for your health. You can better familiarize yourself with mindfulness, which helps better your focus and appreciation for the present, or watch an educational video on rumination to define and break free from harmful looping thoughts. Take multiple courses on different mental health-related topics and sharpen your self-awareness— MoodPath promises to be your ultimate safe space.

mental health app

MoodPath is at a steady #18 for Medical apps in the App Store. It has been featured on Vice and Medical News Today for its ongoing efforts to provide the best, most practical e-counseling services as possible. Although the app's core features are free to use, a monthly or yearly subscription unlocks deeper insights and resources that can maximize your healing journey.

Disclaimer: this app is only a supplementary tool that's meant to navigate your emotional health. It should never be a full replacement for professional mental health services.

But enough about other people's apps.


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