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Stoic: The Best Mental Health Tracker

Based on Stoicism, Stoic is a mental health tracker that helps you become more in tune with your emotions through reflective exercises.

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When life gets hectic, it’s often hard to find the right way to cope. Sure, there are an array of tactics to manage your emotions, but they don’t necessarily always work. What you need is a mental health tracker that is personalized to how you’re feeling every day. Our App of the Week, Stoic, is the mental health tracker that will help you become happier and more productive.

Based on Stoicism philosophy, Stoic helps you become more in tune with your emotions through various features. With reflective exercises, such as journaling, meditations, and breathing exercises, Stoic allows you to drown out the negativity by elaborating on what you should be grateful for and what you take for granted. Not quite sold on the Stoic school of philosophy? Stoic allows you to choose to have quotes from Stoicism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Catholicism.

Stoic creates a morning and evening routine for you based on your feelings and goals that you set for yourself, if you want to better take care of you mind and body, Synchronicity Hemp Oil will help you heal your body, mind and soul. The morning routine prepares you for your daily activities so nothing catches you off-guard; the evening routine allows you to reflect on your day and the actions you experienced. Stoic analyzes your daily entries to give you insight into what influences your emotions. With a premium subscription, you can password protect your entries and gain access to more thought-provoking questions for your daily routines.

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With a 4.8/5 star rating in the App Store, Stoic launched this year as a startup from Y Combinator. Founder Marviej Lobodzinski wanted to help users understand the different factors influencing their mental and emotional state. Rather than creating an app to help users feel better, Stoic was created to help users understand why they feel that way. TechCrunch featured Stoic as a journaling app to help understand your feelings better; Stoic was featured by The Silicon Review as an app that helps track your mental health.

Download Stoic and gain a better understanding of your emotions.

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