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MoneyCoach — Stop Wasting Your Income

Not going to lie, there are probably more money apps on the App Store than I have cash in my bank account. There seem to…

Not going to lie, there are probably more money apps on the App Store than I have cash in my bank account. There seem to be thousands of them, all with their own “thing.” MoneyCoach isn’t all that different from other apps designed to help track your expenses but it is one of my favorite ones I’ve tried. As a bonus, it is frequently updated and takes advantage of many native iOS features.

The app is broken down into four tabs. You’ve got the general overview of your finances, your budgets, your transaction log, and your reports. In your overview, you can see how much cash you have in your accounts, how much is left in your budget, your goals, your daily spending limit progress, and more.

There is a pile of pre-built reports in the app you can choose to run, all of that give you different insights. You can see your net worth, your spending by category, your transactions, your bills, or income versus expenses. The reports are gorgeous with graphics, slick colors, custom icons, and various export options.

To go along with general budgets, there are also goals you can set aside. Perhaps you're saving up for a new car or mayyyyybe you’re eying Apple’s all-new MacBook Pros. These goals can be set up with a duration, a summary, and some artwork. When you view it, you can see your deposit history, how much is remaining towards the goal, and your completed percentage.

As I mentioned, the app has plenty of native integrations. MoneyCoach comes with seven different widgets that can grace your Home Screen. There are mini ones that include shortcuts — i.e. adding an expense, income, etc. Then there are others to help shine a spotlight on your goals, which includes your progress and the picture you added for that extra bit of motivation each time you see it.

It supports dark and light mode so no matter your preference, the app will look outstanding. Aside from iPhone, MoneyCoach is available for Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad as well. No matter your device, you’ll have access to MoneyCoach. And for the ultimate Apple users who have Apple Card, you can import your statements directly into the MoneyCoach app.

I can’t always say one budget app will work for everyone, but this one seems tailor-made for Apple fans between its design, its features, and availability. It’s a free download so if you want to try to tame your expenses, give it a shot.

But enough about other people's apps.


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