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Those That Own Their Music Should Try Doppler

  Yes, I’ve heard the news that streaming is in! Stream movies, stream TV, and of course stream music. I know most of you out…

doppler app

Yes, I’ve heard the news that streaming is in! Stream movies, stream TV, and of course stream music. I know most of you out there are avid Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora listeners (and maybe one of you tried Tidal) but for anyone who prefers to own their music, the current players such as the Music app just don’t cut it. They focus too much on streaming to highlight the music you’ve purchased over the years or will purchase in the future. Enter Doppler.

Doppler is an exceptional music app to strips out all the unnecessary categories and streaming nonsense of other apps. You won’t find podcasts, audiobooks, videos, or subscription streaming here. Just your music.

The app is able to adopt colors in a similar way as Apple’s Music app. On an album view the whole display will change to blend in the colors from the album cover. It gives each album its own theme and it looks beautiful. The rest of the app has a solid dark appearance that I’m sure people will love.

doppler app iphone screens
To use Doppler, you just need to import your music. Pull it in over Wi-Fi from your Mac or PC, bring it in through Dropbox, or even save it into iCloud. Once your music is in the app you can play it anywhere without any network connection necessary. It’s as simple as that. Over time Doppler has added great playback features too such as AirPlay support, an Up Next queue, liked songs, additional localizations, library search, and more.

Many audiophiles will be drawn to this app as they tend to prefer owning rather than streaming which can also result in higher-quality audio depending on the source. That’s why it is important that Doppler accepts so many audio formats. AAC, MP3, FLAC, and others all play without-issue in Doppler.

I think the biggest thing for Doppler though is the ability to be self-sustainable. It doesn’t require you to use a computer for any task. Adding songs, changing song meta data (including artist, artwork, album, disc number, and more), and creating playlists can be done right from your iPhone or iPad. Impressively, there is even a Safari extension that allows you to download music form your browser and add it directly to Doppler.

Doppler isn’t going to be for everyone. But as the masses embrace streaming, some of the biggest audio lovers have been left behind, yearning for a better solution. This is that solution they’ve waited for. It does an admirable job of blending modern features with the dying trend of owning music. Maybe best of all, it doesn’t charge a subscription for the privilege.

But enough about other people's apps.


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