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MusicSmart Reveals In-Depth Details On Your Favorite Music

Get ready to go down a rabbit hole. If you love music, you need to try MusicSmart. This slick app gives you unparalleled insight into…

MusicSmart App

Get ready to go down a rabbit hole. If you love music, you need to try MusicSmart. This slick app gives you unparalleled insight into all of your favorite music, leading you down a time-suck of a rabbit hole sure to consume your afternoon with facts, trivia, and more music.

MusicSmart is a great idea. Basically a connected database full of information that is easily accessible and that easily integrates to your existing Apple Music library. You can use it as a standalone app but it can also be quickly accessed directly from the Music app with its handy built-in extension that will automatically access the album or artist you’re listening to.

You can find a ton of relevant info on any artist, album, song, and more. With the app, you can discover when an album or track was released, if it was mastered in HD, its genre, parental rating, the record label, who wrote, who played guitar, who sung background vocals, who published it, and even who the mastering engineer was!

The app is also filled with tons of fun information on the creation of albums and songs, giving you some backstory or quick tidbits. We particularly loved the ability to see who covered a song, what song was sampled to create the song we loved, or what original song was covered to create the new one. It leads us down a path to find additional music that we love just as much.

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Since we can dive into the bios of all the people involved in a song, we can find other related ones. Maybe we dig a guitar riff so we look at what other songs feature that guitarist, or maybe other songs written by that songwriter, or tracks created by the same producer. We’ve discovered so many new outstanding songs we’d never heard of before

As just one example, we listened to an Apple Music classic rock playlist and Elton John’s Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting came up. We spend the extension to see it was on the album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. From there we looked at the other songs on the track list and tapped into Candle In the Wind. This brought up a detailed description on the backstory of the song and showed us all the covers of the song. We even got a reminder of the infamous Parks and Rec version 5000 Candles In the Wind by Mouse Rat, which we promptly listened to.

It is such an easy way to get closer to music and artists you love with an endless amount of information. The app also takes full advantage of what iOS has to offer beyond the Apple Music extension and integration. It also features Dark Mode support so it looks at home no matter the time of day.

We still remember laying on the lawn with our headphones listening to music and reading liner notes. Now, that experience as evolved with a digital version of that that is for more immersive and informative that actively allows us to find new experiences to enjoy. Developer Marcos Tanaka has done an extraordinary job with this app that has
received many updates, further improving its abilities.

But enough about other people's apps.


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