Stories are, and have forever been the way we express our lives. Remember blogs (like this one? err)? They were a great way to digitally…

Stories are, and have forever been the way we express our lives. Remember blogs (like this one? err)? They were a great way to digitally share a complete story. Now between Facebook, Instagram, and a new social sharing app almost every week, our stories and the way we share them have become widely fragmented all over the web. Seth Hosko, strategist at Fueled, says that as a result, our own content becomes less valuable and prevents us from going forward. “Content without context or structure doesn’t really create a complete narrative of a story, and that’s the core of how we express ourselves,” he says.

Enter Backspaces, a new app that helps you tell your stories. Open Backspaces and the experience is familiar –– you see a feed of photos and text. But looking closer, these are complete stories in your feed. A friend’s day of beach cleanup from Hurricane Sandy, or a worker’s tour of an Amazon Warehouse –– not pieces of a thought or random photo, but complete stories.

Like Instagram meets Wordpress, Backspaces gives users ability to create stories through multiple photos and text bubbles. Users can add artsy filters to their photos, geo-tag posts, arrange photos and texts, and share their completed stories to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

“I immediately fell in love with this app,” says Hosko. “As blogging has fallen and microblogging has taken its place, we’ve also done away with the frameworks and tools for telling great, complete stories. This app builds on new behaviors we’ve learned by using apps like Instagram, and has given us just enough new functionality to turn those one-off photos or blurbs we share today into more complete, contextual stories that are richer and more meaningful. Stories are how we share our lives, whether it’s now or from history –– this app is an awesome step towards bringing our digital bits of content back to whole, complete stories that we can share.”

Developed by Dmitri Cherniak, Adrian Sanders, and Whylie Conlon, Backspaces launched in August and recently presented at NY Tech Meetup.

Fueled loves Backspaces! Do you? Check it out and let us know what you think!

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