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Filter Out The Fake News With Ground News

Ground News is a news app that does the research for you so you can compare news sources and their biases. With Ground News, you…

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In an era where we get our news from mobile rather than tuning in to watch the local news, it can be hard to determine fact from opinion. Each news source has its own political bias, so how do we know what’s actually happening in the world around us? When you check your news, you don’t want to have to search and compare to piece together the news. Our App of the Week, Ground News, is the news app that’s fighting the rise of biased and fake news.

Ground News does the research for you so you don’t have to determine what each news source’s political bias is. Ground News allows you to pick news interests so you’re provided a news feed catered to what you want to see. When you click on a news story, Ground News provides a list of different news sources that are covering the story, allowing you to compare how each source is covering the news. Each source is labeled withe its bias so you can be an informed citizen. Before reading the full story, you can read a summary to at least get the general idea of the coverage from that specific article. Each story is followed up with a series of similar stories that may be of interest to you so you’re not left in the dark on other news events. 

For $0.99/month or $9.99/year, you can subscribe to Ground News Pro and dive deeper into your news research. With Pro, you can filter what stories you see based on bias, time, and location, giving you a range of news from local to global events. Pro also provides a coverage analysis for each news event, which includes a list of where each reporting source has a bias, a timeline of when sources reported the story, and a map where the story is being covered from. 

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With a 4.5/5 star rating, Ground News has been featured as the App Store’s App of the Day as “Freedom from Fake News.” Ground News has been featured by StartUp HERE Toronto as the app that tackles fake news around the world and by TapSmart as the news app dedicated to truth. featured Ground News as effectively countering propaganda.

De-clutter your news feed and download Ground News.

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