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Newsdrop is the minimalist news reader I was looking for

Gosh, I have a problem with news apps. I’ve already written about one or two of them here as some of my favorites and while…

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Gosh, I have a problem with news apps. I’ve already written about one or two of them here as some of my favorites and while I standby how amazing they were, I’ve also gotten attached to Newsdrop. It is a minimalist, curated newsfeed of relevant information for my iPhone and Apple Watch that is as practical as it is gorgeous.

Often times I’m looking for a quick fix of news, so I skim headlines. But I also am well-aware that headlines don’t always tell the whole story and I don’t want to draw assumptions. Newsdrop’s editors will summarize the best articles and include all of the necessary information in under 200 words.

That isn’t to say longer content isn’t highlighted. While most articles can be gleaned right from the feed, it's only a tap away to read the article in its entirety. Also features long-form articles for when you have the time to kickback and a selection of videos.

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Newsdrop, even in its free form, offers quite a few customization options for users to make the experience more tailored to them. There are multiple themes to choose from, including an OLED-specific version with pure blacks. You can also disable image downloads which aids with saving on data and load times. Stories can be bookmarked for further perusal. With the paid, ad-free version of Newsdrop you get the aforementioned OLED theme, unlimited bookmarks, and access to old articles. For us, it was easily worth the splurge of $7.99 a year.

The devs have done a great job designing the app, keeping things clean and light (unless you’re using that OLED theme). The basic theme has a text on a white plain with a gray background. The icons and text are all also gray rather than full black which makes it a bit easier on the eyes and more modern. Images have full bleed to fill the display edge-to-edge, and videos are nicely embedded.

What makes it most worth it for me is support for Apple Watch. Quick, skimmable news is perfect for the Apple Watch’s small display where you may not want to read a long article but are good for a few paragraphs of relevant information.

I still may wind up with another news app or even the default News app, but I don’t think I’ll be ditching Newsdrop completely anytime soon. It gives me the most information on my Apple Watch, it is quickest to read and skim when I’m busy, and all the news comes from sources I trust. If you’re looking for a new way to stay up-to-date and learn a bit, then check out Newsdrop.

But enough about other people's apps.


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