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Noonlight Is Your Own Personal Guardian

Ok, everyone, let’s open our Psych 101 textbooks to page 614. We’re going to be talking about Maslow’s hierarchical pyramid of needs! (This is where…

Ok, everyone, let’s open our Psych 101 textbooks to page 614. We’re going to be talking about Maslow’s hierarchical pyramid of needs! (This is where you all feign excitement!) The reason we’re all taking some time to revisit intro psychology is that we’re talking about safety. According to Maslow, safety is incredibly important, just behind basic human needs such as food and air. Yet in today’s world, sometimes just going out you can feel unsettled. No matter if you’re heading out for a first date or walking around campus at night, Noonlight is here to put your mind at ease.

Basics first, deal? The app has a dead-simple UI. Open the app to a massive on-screen button. Hold the button, and when you’re safe, finally let go. You can then enter your passcode. If you don’t answer the passcode, emergency services will be dispatched immediately. But Noonlight just doesn’t dial 911 for you, it’s able to send over all of your information including your exact location.

If you’re in a situation where emergency services are called but you aren’t able to talk — horrible situations like a home invasion or domestic abuse — Noonlight responders can still communicate with you via text messages. These are incredibly specific details here and show how much attention to detail there is. This isn’t an app that lets you easily read PDFs, if something is confusing, doesn’t work, or isn’t well-suited to a variety of uses, people can get in serious harm. It needs to be absolutely on-point.

Aside from those features, the app sports a wealth of integrations that truly make sense in this day and age. The app ties directly into Tinder so when you go out with your maybe-futurespouse, the details of the other person are shared with Noonlight. If Mr. Right turns out to be more like Mr. Creepy, authorities will know exactly who you were with. Other integrations include Alexa, Uber, Lyft, and even the Nest Protect smart smoke and CO detector.

These are all tools, apps, and devices that people are using and it only makes sense to integrate an emergency protection service with them.

Since I am focusing on the design of this iOS app, it is probably worth talking about how it takes advantage of everything iOS has to offer. Noonlight can tap into the Health app and provide additional information to first responders. With Apple Watch, you can have a quick shortcut via a complication. Open the complication and tap “Send Help” to get the ball rolling. You can cancel by inputting your security code and Noonlight will call and text you to verify you need assistance.

Being able to reliably provide peace of mind and safety to users in vastly different scenarios is paramount to Noonlight and it does it using every resource at its disposal. Tying into various apps, services, and native iOS functionality so your worries melt away.

But enough about other people's apps.


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