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Clothes Horse to Optimize Shopping

NY Startup Clothes Horse to Optimize Shopping

Shopping online is always a bit intimidating. Since clothes sometimes fit differently from different brands, people are often skeptical of buying their clothes online without trying them on. Even now that online shopping has been established for over a decade, that persistent worry is still there. ClothesHorse, a still relatively unknown startup based in New York, is trying to change that. While very little is yet known about this new company, they’re a data-driven platform whose goal is to “make fashion fit”. ClothesHorse will let customers shop on the websites of retailers with a single profile. That profile will then save what clothes were bought and recommend what sizes to buy from other brands in the future based on the purchases in the past, making the rigors of online shopping feel a bit more personal. ClothesHorse has been developed by DreamIt Ventures’ workshop taking place in New York City.


The fear of what can’t be seen, felt and worn is always prevalent when shopping online. Nobody ever feels fully assured that they’re buying the right clothing item until it’s on their actual bodies. While this isn’t ever going to replace going to a store and trying a shirt on, it might well be the next best thing.

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