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NYC Photo Hack Day at General Assembly

NYC’s largest photo hack day is set to take place at General Assembly on August 20th-21st. As Jason Kincaid reports for TechCrunch, the image-editing software producer, Aviary, has coordinated with NASDAQ to provide the prize for the contest: The top three photo-based API’s, or coded instructions for apps, designed during the contest will be featured on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square.

The emphasis on photos comes from the acceptability of posting photos of things that are either too boring or irrelevant to write about. Kincaid writes, “It’s an established fact that tweeting about your breakfast is a serious faux pas, on par with ‘Liking’ your own Facebook status update. However, recent trends indicate that tweeting a photo of your breakfast is perfectly acceptable, and in some cases, even encouraged...” Some of the suggested ideas for API’s, provided by the participating companies, include: a “a mobile app to upload a photo and set is as your main profile photo from anywhere at any time,” an app that can “determine the genre of a movie (for instance, comedies vs. tragedies) by analyzing key frames that convey particular emotions,” and an app that creates a “a yearbook using the photos from a user’s photos, their network feed, or their collections.”

The event already has RSVPs from some big name companies including Foursquare, Etsy, and Instagram. Those interested can register on the Photo Hack Day site. Tickets are free for participating developers.

Image via Photo Hack Day

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