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Minus Makes Sharing Easier

Minus, a New York City-based online file sharing startup, announced that it has raised 1 million dollars in funding. The newly flush startup is investing in new technologies that will make universal file sharing easier. This drag-and-drop site boasts the fact that their site works on almost any mobile device with web connectivity, and that it supports almost every file type imaginable within its sharing software. Users are able to share all sorts of files by going to the website and dragging files onto it. The files upload quickly, and users are given a shortlink that can be used to share the files across the Internet. The site is free to use with a 25MB limit per download. Registered users up their limit 100MB, a big difference.

Minus, which is cloud-based, lets users create log-in names so that their files are always available. Lately, Minus has served up 50 million files per month from its 500,000 unique active users. These impressive numbers led to Minus’ latest round of funding. That funding led to the recent purchase of for $115,000, which let the company move from to the more user-friendly domain.


File-sharing websites are nothing new. Sites like Dropbox, Scribd and Flickr all have loyal followings, and people are happy to use those services. But there’s no denying that this startup has appeal. The drag-and-drop software makes sharing amazingly simple, and the sharable links are easy to move around the Internet. This service is anything but a minus.

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