Orchestrate Your Life Using the Orchestra App

Whether an entry-level employee or the CEO of the company, you’re most likely crazed by the endless list of priorities that come at you each…

Whether an entry-level employee or the CEO of the company, you’re most likely crazed by the endless list of priorities that come at you each day. One might think there are a number of tools to help coordinate these tasks, and they’d be right to think so because we’ve only come up with more solutions with the advent of the computer and smartphone. However, up until recently, nothing truly combined organization with communication to offer an all-in-one application to keep you on track.

The barriers have been broken by the Orchestra app for your iPhone and computer, a to-do app with social integration to allow group conversations and planning. Does this mean a long-awaited farewell to traditional to-do lists?  It’s safe to say that older generations won’t go quietly, but for many of us, it’s hard to imagine having to write everything down by hand, though some say the process of actually writing is more effective than going digital and typing in words. Orchestra actually goes a step further by allowing users to record information through voice recognition technology. Of course, Siri for the iPhone 4S is leading that pack, but Orchestra is just as advanced, except it does some things that Siri cannot.

Asked why someone would download Orchestra when they already have Siri, co-founder Gentry Underwood said that Orchestra does exactly what no other app can do:  effectively blend organization and communication. Have an idea, but not the hands to write it down? Just speak to Orchestra and it writes for you. There is no need to run multiple programs to organize yourself because Orchestra automatically syncs information between the iPhone app and the web version. Soon enough, it will also do so through a desktop client. If it’s a team project that needs to get done, members are summoned into a conversation specifically devoted to the task at hand. Or if it’s a conversation with friends about weekend plans, the app keeps it on-point and concise. Calling or texting one friend to then hang up and contact another is so last year!

One of the most important things for Underwood to keep tabs on is Orchestra’s ease of use. The idea for the app was sparked by his demand for a collaboration system that feels simple and easy to use like a traditional to-do list. According to the reviews in the app store, Underwood succeeded at filling this void. Of course, Underwood does use his app to stay focused while trying to create a good work environment and launch itself out of startup status. Unfortunately, the market is and will be flooded with tons of organizational apps that try to replicate or replace Orchestra. Right now though, Orchestra is near the top, and they have the wherewithal and drive to keep it that way.

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