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Our Favorite Ten SXSW PanelPicker Submissions

1. Why Community Should Be Your First Hire What makes a community? In this panel, you will learn how community is the key to strong…

1. Why Community Should Be Your First Hire

What makes a community? In this panel, you will learn how community is the key to strong marketing. The foundation of community is that people support one another and share great experiences to form connections, and having a network of people both on- and offline is what can bring you from a startup to a major league business. Check it out here.

2. I'm Into Jobs That Don't Even Exist Yet

Trendsetters wear new clothes and, in turn, convince others to follow along, but do they do the same for a job? Cindy Royal, from Texas State University, explores the concept of training for jobs that don’t exist yet. Cindy trains young developers for jobs that will be available in the future, providing her students with building blocks for the working life of constant change and variability. Prepare yourself for innovative ideas by training you for jobs yet to come. Click here to read their panel.

3. Siri is My Stylist: Mobile Tech Meets Fashion

Ever dreamed of having that electronic wardrobe from Clueless back in 1995? Siri can help with that. Organizer Rachel Youens, from Forever 21, helps bring that dream to life through mobile apps that tell you what to wear on given days depending on the weather. Smartphones have influenced app developers into enhancing the way that ‘fashionistas’ utilize their smartphones, and Siri is My Stylist brings that sense of fashion into the mobile app industry. Read their full submission here.

4. The Future of Food: From App to Fork

When you are hungry and don’t know where or what to eat, what do you do? These days, you look at your smartphone to see what it suggests. Software applications on our phones simplify our lives by emerging food with our daily used apps. For example, Yummly, created by David Feller, came up with the idea to attack the food problem by adding your food likes and dislikes to give you recipes to your desire. This panel will explore the key differences of how food apps now will change the way that customers buy food. Check out their panel here.

5. Tricks of the Trade: Grow Unity in Your Community

Strengthening the internal bonds between the members of your community can lead to rapid external growth for your company. This panel will answer your questions of how to increase engagement and participation in your office. The culture of an office corresponds to the materials that it produces, so the better the culture, the better the results. Add to their community by checking out their panel.

6. Digital Teleportation

The exploration of digital transportation continues, but dreams have changed since the days of teleportation. Now, technology and business are merging dramatically to provide other-worldly experiences from the comfort of our digital devices. Some still dream about actual, digital transportation, but, as always, other ideas will surface and outdo existing concepts. This panel will explore these questions and compare the technical challenges of current technology with what we expect for in the future. Take a look here.

7. Digital Luxury: Driving Desire in a Connected Age

Luxury brands have to step up into the world of social marketing, but will their audience still want to buy from them if they mix with other non-luxury brands? Social media is the new way to brand and advertise, but luxury brands also have to drive desire towards their products. Michael Levy, representing Louis Vuitton, will speak about how he brought his brand up to the top without losing any of the exclusivity value. Check out their post here.

8. Disrupting the Financial Industry

What happened to going out and buying tickets for a movie? Or calling a hotel to book a room? Human services have officially changed to online services. Consumers have relied on online services instead of their household telephone to find out any information or to make a reservation. This is for the benefit of the customer, as the online world is a convenience instead of being put on hold or waiting to be booked. This panel will provide information as to why the online retail world has accelerated so rapidly within 99-percent of the world. Click here to get more info.

9. Blogging Your Way To The Front Row

Based on a true story: turn your blog into your successful business with these tips on how to enhance and enchant. In this panel, you will learn how to make your blog stand out within a pile of two billion blogs. Check out the popular book, “Blogging Your Way to the Front Row” to get a preview of what Yuli Zuv, of Style Coalition, believes to be the secrets of being a top blogger. Get a detailed look at this here.

10. Our Panel: The Death of the American Mall

Some consumer shifts suggest we can bridge the gap between digital habits and our brick-and-mortar past — but not at the cost of online convenience. In this conversation, we’ll look toward the future of brick-and-mortar and the emerging technologies that could guide it — from software to hardware, Google Wallet to Apple Passbook, to customer service, to the physical layout of stores. All of these changes: promising and available. But is it too late?

Vote for our panel here. See you at SXSW!

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