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PicSew does much more than your average photo stitcher

  We’ve all done it. Whether a web page or a text thread, we’ve taken multiple screenshots and then either sent them all piecemeal or…

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We’ve all done it. Whether a web page or a text thread, we’ve taken multiple screenshots and then either sent them all piecemeal or tried stitching them together with some rather shady app we’ve found on the App Store that decently gets the job done. Needless to say PicSew is both a nicely polished app but packed full of additional features and multiple tiers so that you only pay for what you need.

First things first — stitching your screenshots. Yes, PicSew does this with ease. Feed it multiple shots you’ve taken and it will easily merge them into a single shareable image. It scans the images for overlapping areas and saves you the hassle of sending multiple images. What we found most impressive is a feature included in the “pro” tier. All you need is a screen recording of a webpage, conversation, news article, email, etc. That video is sucked into PicSew and a stitched image comes out the other end.

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PicSew also comes with additional image manipulation tools. You’re able to watermark images before you share them. Sensitive information is able to be redacted. Borders can be added around the image. And you can annotate images by drawing with your finger, or Apple Pencil ifyou’re on iPad.

With the most recent major update, PicSew added support for iOS 14 widgets. The widget monitors your screenshots to alert you when a new “ScrollShot” is detected. You can tap right into it and share using the native iOS Share Sheet.

If you want to get really fancy, PicSew has support for the X-Callback-URL schema which is a universal standard for interapp communication. We’re able to use this with Apple’s Shortcuts app to create some extraordinary and complex workflows thanks to this feature.

While there is a lot of functionality here the app keeps the interface simple. Clean colors and simplistic self-explanatory icons make the app comfortable and familiar. Any user will be able to find their with through PicSew.

So whether you want to stitch screenshots together, join pictures of your pets (or kids, I guess...) into one image, retract some personal information on a screenshot, watermark a pic you took, or create an elaborate Shortcuts workflow, PicSew has you covered.

But enough about other people's apps.


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