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Pictour: Embrace Your Inner Tour Guide

Paging aspiring photographers: want your photos of different places to be viewed by a wide audience? Want others to see places through the same lens that you did? Then may be the place for you. This new startup app, based in New York and originally from Honduras, lets people take pictures with their phones from wherever they are. I know, revolutionary, right? What’s next, an app that lets people send text messages? Well, from there, people can turn their pictures into albums and share them with other people on the website. The albums that each person takes can then be seen on the same mobile app when people travel near the places where the pictures were taken. People add descriptions to their pictures, so when others go to an area, they’ll be able to read the descriptions for a virtual guided tour. A map is included in each album-turned-tour, so people will be able to go to exactly where the picture was taken. Each Pictour artist will have their own page of albums, where viewers can go to see all of the tours that each photographer created.


Just like any other profession, pro photographers are always looking for a bigger audience to view their work. For the picture takers that like taking pictures of different places, Pictour could be of great value to professionals and amateurs alike. There’s a market for tours of destinations, and getting one from a good photographer for free may be desirable for users. Once people start using the app, this could be a successful venture for tourists and guides alike. Watch yourself, Arthur Frommer.

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