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Planes Live, The App to Track your Loved Ones’ Journey

Ever since I was a kid, I always wondered how fast planes could go as they travel, how high could they be, as I listened…

Ever since I was a kid, I always wondered how fast planes could go as they travel, how high could they be, as I listened to the sound of the engine and the noise it created from the sky to my small being. And once I grew up, my fascination for airplanes continued, although I still had questions in my head about the journey each plane went throughout its journey.

Once I found and downloaded Planes Live, I was schocked by the amount of information it provided. Suddenly, all the answers for the questions I had in my head since I was a kid were there.

The first thing you see is a map showing you all the planes following its corresponding routes.The app automatically attracts users' curiosity and invites them to explore the app. You can click on the plane and it provides valuable data, such as speed, altitude, miles traveled, geoposition, flight status, and more. Besides that, there are some additional features such as unlimited alerts, weather overlays, no ads, terminal, check-in, gate and baggage info that would require you to uprade to the "pro" version.

A fascinating core functionality of the app is that you can track any commercial plane worldwide, and you can even filter them by airline, or airport, giving you the possibility to add those airports and locations to "My Places" to access them instantly, as well as leaving you with the basic tools so you feel as if you were travelling with your loved ones.

The app allows you to get notifications in case there are changes in your flight schedule. That way, you could get notified if the flight gets cancelled, and if there is a delay, the app will provide the new departure and arrival time.

This app is quite useful for those that want to be updated about someone's travelling itinerary, and most importantly, this app gives you some peace of mind as it provides everything you need to know in a simple, clear, and informative way so you know that special person has gotten to its destiny or you can plan accordingly to be on time for their arrival.

But enough about other people's apps.


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