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Keep Your House Plants Alive with Planta: The Best Plant-Care App Around

  Planta is a plant-care app that aims to help you keep even the trickiest of house plants. Aside from identifying your plants via photo,…

Planta is a plant-care app that aims to help you keep even the trickiest of house plants. Aside from identifying your plants via photo, Planta sends you plant care reminders, provides you with step-by-step instruction guides, and even a plant journal to help you keep track of your plants

Sometimes owning a plant can feel more like owning a pet because of all the different accommodations it needs each day to stay alive. With Planta, you will learn how to keep even the finickiest plant alive, just with the click of an app. This app helps to take away the stress and worry of growing plants by providing you with step-by-step guides on how to keep them alive, along with push notifications to remind you to water them accordingly.

Whether you are a plant parent veteran, or you’re new to the plant game, you will get customized plant recommendations based on your skills and knowledge of plants. Get all the help you need to keep impressive, thriving plants in your home. Our app of the week, Planta, is the plant-care app you’ve always needed.

Planta is a plant-care app that assists users in keeping every house plant happy, healthy, and most importantly —alive. Planta helps you keep your plants in tip-top condition by sending you care reminders via iPhone notification when they need water, fertilizer, mist, cleaning, and repotting.

They also provide set-by-step guides that detail overall care instructions for each of your plants. Not only do they provide plant recommendations, but they do so based on your level of skill and experience with plants. And if you’re not sure what plant you have — Plants will identify it for you! Planta promises users that not only will they be able to keep their plants alive with the help of the recommendations feature, but they will eventually be able to without any help. “And yes, you will be able to grow more than a cactus,” they write.

While Planta is free to download and has some free features for users to utilize, the paid plans include many more including recommendations, plant Identification, plant care, plant journal, and guides. Planta offers a three-tier option for premium memberships: 1 month for $7.99, 3 months for $17.99, or 1 year for $35.99.

With 4.7/5 star rating from 3.9k reviews in the app store, Planta is the go-to app for household plant care and management. The Ringer featured Planta as one of their top houseplant apps calling it “the jack-of-all-trades for plant care.” Bust deemed it “the must-download app for every plant lover” and The Daily Dot included it on their list of plant-related tech startups.

Keep your plants alive by downloading Planta.

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