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Re-Vinyl Sounds Better!

While Kickstarter has been a boon for artists and musicians everywhere, making it easier than ever for them to raise the necessary funds to make their dreams become reality, New York City startup Re-Vinyl hopes to connect musicians to commerce, enabling them to reach more fans and increase engagement by teaming up with established brands.  With Re-Vinyl, it’s a win win, as both bands and brands benefit from the exchange.  Re-Vinyl hopes to reinvent the album experience by making liner notes interactive, and integrating album art and music videos with social media.  As a mobile app, Re-Vinyl will also provide a unique platform for musicians to tell their stories and shape their visions on their own terms, while also providing fans with a new way to remix, comment on, and purchase songs.


Will Re-Vinyl morph into more than just a mobile app?  Is a partnership with Kickstarter in their future, or will they choose to forge ahead on their own?

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