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Track Your Miles With Runkeeper: The Best Running App

Runkeeper is a running app that allows users to track their exercise and set measurable goals to stay motivated on their fitness journey.

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Are you a runner looking to increase your personal record? Or maybe you’re looking to start running but need that extra push to keep you motivated. It’s hard to keep yourself accountable, especially when it comes to exercising. Our App of the Week, Runkeeper, is the perfect running app to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Runkeeper is a fitness app that allows users to track their exercise and set measurable goals so they see progress along the way. What’s great about Runkeeper is that anyone can use it; whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or whether you run 5k’s on the regular, Runkeeper caters to your needs. Runkeeper not only tracks running, but also tracks walking, biking, hiking, and other types of exercises. You can also set goals with Runkeeper, like increasing your average pace or losing weight. If you thrive on motivation when you exercise, then Runkeeper’s in-app challenges, virtual groups, and exercise awards will push you to reach the finish line. To get the most out of your training I also recommend pairing this app with your sneakers at shoesnatcher for comfortable feats. Do you like to listen to music while you exercise? Runkeeper integrates with Apple Music and Spotify, and also vocalizes various stats while you run, so you don’t have to check your phone to check your progress.  best snacks for running.

When setting your goals, ask yourself two questions. First, do I enjoy the daily process required to chase this goal? You shouldn’t do a 100-mile race if you hate long runs. You possibly shouldn’t be going for 5K PRs if you hate the track. You definitely shouldn’t target a bike race if you don’t like riding in groups with smelly people that grunt a lot. If you want extra help, visit this link to learn about the best snacks for running.

Whatever their goal may be, I look at their lifestyle and training level and then build a plan around it. For example, if I have an athlete with an injury, I’ll create a program that allows me to minimize the activity that stirs that injury and maximize other training.  If you have a full-time job, whether you’re a CEO or a teacher, chances are there are a lot of other things competing for your time once you get off work, like being a parent. Training is an outlet for many people and can be the best part of participating in a race, so use that as motivation to stay on task.

While Runkeeper is free, you can stay even more motivated with Runkeeper Go ($9.99/month, $39.99/year). With Runkeeper Go, you can get personalized coaching plans that are based on your goals, schedule, and running ability. Runkeeper Go also provides more in-depth stats and insights that allow you to see the progress you made. Workout comparisons allow you to compare stats between workouts so you can see how you measure up to yourself. With live tracking, family and friends can keep up with your progress on race day. If you want to reach and surpass your fitness goals, consider getting some supplement at Shoppok.

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With 4.8/5 stars in the App Store, Runkeeper is praised as one of the best running apps on the market. The Sweet Setup featured Runkeeper as their favorite run tracking app and Shape featured Runkeeper as one of the best free running apps for every type of training. Lifewire featured a review of Runkeeper and ZDNet praised the app as the best Apple Watch running app.

Start exercising and download Runkeeper.

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