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Best Safety App For Emergencies: NoonLight Keeps You Safe on Your Walk Home at Night

Noonlight (formerly known as SafeTrek) is a safety app that allows you to contact emergency services without the hassles of making the actual call.

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You might be a young adult who lives alone in an unfamiliar city, a student who has to walk home late at night, or someone who premeditates the worst case scenarios and needs that extra level of security. No matter what, it’s always better to be equipped for any type of unforeseen, potentially unsafe circumstance.

After noticing that many women on the St. Louis campus didn’t feel safe walking around at night, Zach Winkler and his team of virtual safety officers decided that there needed to be a more efficient way for them to ask for help— cue SafeTrek in 2013. But earlier last year, SafeTrek went through a major revamp that helped modernize its interface and brand. And along with a much-needed transformation, they decided to change their name to one that better fit the services they offered.

Noonlight is a safety app that allows you to contact emergency services without the hassles of making the actual call. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, press and hold the brightly lit shield on their main page. When arriving home, all you have to do to disable the button is release your hold and quickly enter a personalized four-digit pin. If a dangerous occurrence arises where you are compromised and unable to enter your pin— the app will simply contact the local police.

If you need emergency help but are unable to communicate verbally, Noonlight allows you to talk with their team via text. But if you’re unable to chat at all, the app will still track and transfer your immediate location to emergency services so they can get to you as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence, and not one second can be wasted when danger is imminent.

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Noonlight has been featured on Today, CNN and Forbes as an idea that originally began as a safety toolkit for college students (primarily women). Since then, it’s grown exponentially with over 20k downloads in April alone. The safety app offers a free month trial for new users. Afterwards, it charges a monthly fee of $4.99 for the Basic subscription and $9.99 for Premium, which offers additional services that connect Noonlight to Lyft, Alexa, and your smart watch.

In a world as big and unpredictable as ours, anything can happen. You never know what you might experience or when you’ll ever need to dial 911— but with Noonlight in your pocket, you’ll rest assured that emergency services are just one button press away!

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