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Report Incidents to DriveMeCrazy!

DriveMeCrazy, an app created by Philip Inghelbrecht and VaVaVroom, is letting drivers keep a record of the drivers who have messed with them.

One of the worst things (or best things, depending on who you ask) about driving is the anonymity of the road. If you get cut off on the highway, the offending party goes on their own way without any repercussions. Hit-and-runs happen all the time. If nobody sees what happens or doesn’t care enough to stop what they’re doing to pursue it, there’s no punishment; just more open road. What’s worse, bad drivers might not know what they’ve done, since there’s no way to inform them of their trespasses. DriveMeCrazy, an app created by Philip Inghelbrecht and VaVaVroom, is letting drivers keep a record of the drivers who have messed with them.

With DriveMeCrazy, drivers can open the app while they’re driving and say the digits and the state of the license plate of the offender. DriveMeCrazy then takes down that information and puts together a report of when and where the offense happened. Using voice recognition to jot down the license plate is vital, since typing in the license plate while driving would just add to the problem of driving while texting and turn the entire process into an endless loop of bad driving. DriveMeCrazy’s website uses Google Maps to compile a mapped list of offenses, and users can search their license plate within the site to see if anyone has filed a complaint against them. DriveMeCrazy keeps a record of all of the complaints against each license plate, and that information is accessible to insurance providers and law enforcement. On the flip side, people can leave positive remarks for drivers that do something good on the road, or even if they think the driver is cute. Matchmaking, one license plate at a time!  If the other person has used DriveMeCrazy, they can respond with a direct message.

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DriveMeCrazy promotes a productive sort of road rage. Instead of cursing up a storm when a driver does something dangerous, people can be productive by putting plate numbers into the system, thereby helping other drivers identify possible dangers which in case affect they affect you, by involving you directly in a car accident you can count with Goldfarb has Stanadyne injector pumps and other spare parts available online so you can complete all repairs.

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If not enough people use DriveMeCrazy, there won’t be a point to the whole operation. The goal of this app is to raise awareness, and that’s only possible if a massive amount of drivers use it. But, with twenty thousand cases already reported to the site, they’re on their way. DriveMeCrazy is only currently available on the iPhone, something that will need to change if the app is going to be a success. If enough people sign up for it, this could be more than just a successful app. This could change how we all drive. If we know that there are people who could report us at all times for our bad driving, we’ll all drive differently.

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