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Simply Postcards: Bringing The Human Touch to The 21st Century

At one point in time, a typed note was considered more personal than a plain old handwritten one. A typed note was something uncommon and…

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At one point in time, a typed note was considered more personal than a plain old handwritten one. A typed note was something uncommon and special and there was a sense of professionalism that could not be recreated. With the prevalence of automated notes and robo-signed documents, sometimes an indisputable human touch makes all the difference.

Nowadays everyone types and automates messages, it has lost the feeling that it once had. Typing messages can be construed as impersonal. Technology does indeed make it easier to keep in touch with people, but at what level? How does a group text or an invite to an event on Facebook with 700 other people make you feel, truly wanted?

Communicating over the internet is the easiest way to keep in touch. Why hand write a letter when an email be sent? Why fax when an email be sent? There is no dispute that these methods are more efficient, but they do loose something too.

There are some services that are bringing the "human touch" into the 21st century. Simply Postcards is a great app that achieves this difficult task. The app allows people to mail any photo (whether it be taken or picked from the photo library) as a real postcard. A postcard is a great way to personally reach out to someone, let them know you care, let them know you are thinking of them, but no one writes postcards anymore. Simply Postcards utilizes a new technology that a great deal of people have (an iPhone) and yet still enables the use of an old warm way to communicate.

Simply Postcards is an easy application to use. Take or choose a photo for the front of the postcard. Edit the photo using the "edit" tab, where the image exposure can be changed and a boarder can be added. Flip to post card (by pressing the "flip" tab) to the traditional back of a postcard where there is a space to write a message, where it's being mailed from and where its going. Then simply choose to send the postcard and wait for it to arrive in the mail. The application itself is free but in order to send postcards credits must be purchased (which can be done in the app). 1 credit = 1 postcard. A single credit is $1.99, but they get cheaper the more you buy, 30 credits is only $30.

Simply Postcards does a great job at using technology yet still making it feel sincere, as opposed to, now more traditional ways of communication, texting and Email.

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