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SinglePlatform: What You Want

As I’ve mentioned before, smartphones have made it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for whenever you want it. With extremely popular apps like Groupon, Foursquare and Livingsocial, people can look for the best deals, find out what their friends have recommended and search for exactly what they want at the touch of a button. This is all, frankly, kick-ass for users. We have more resources than ever before to make an informed decision about what we want to do, and we can do it all at a discount. That’s awesome. Power to the people, baby! But we’re forgetting one thing. Every choice that we’re given cranks up the pressure for small businesses to keep up with the newest technologies. If they don’t, they’ll get lost in the shuffle and lose countless amounts of business. With so many places for people to go for recommendations, how can these small business with limited resources keep up? SinglePlatform is there to make it easy.

Founded by Wiley Cerilli in early 2010, SinglePlatform is a service for small businesses. By signing up for SinglePlatform, restaurants and small business can submit their menus and store information to the website. After that, SinglePlatform submits that information to websites like Yelp, MenuPages and many others that then show it to customers looking for somewhere to go. The whole system works as a sprayer, with the business putting information into one place and having it spread out to many other places. This idea is starting to make an impact. SinglePlatform announced yesterday that they’ve raised $3.25 million in funding, led by DFJ Gotham Ventures.


With every new website or app that comes out to make finding places easier, it becomes harder for small businesses and restaurants to stay afloat. Instead of dedicating many hours to keeping up with the times, SocialPlatform lets owners have the online work done for them. With the Next Cool Thing always right around the corner, SocialPlatform keeps owners ahead of the curve.

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