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Skyfer Goes Small-Town!

As we’ve documented here on Fueled countless times, the market for ‘finder apps’ is flooded.

As we’ve documented here on Fueled countless times, the market for ‘finder apps’ is flooded. If you want to go to a restaurant or a bar in a big city, there are quite a few very useful apps that can be used to find a well-recommended place at a discounted rate. It’s a huge way for businesses to try to get ahead of each other, and consumers have benefited. But what about in small towns that don’t have the same massive options and competition for business? Forget about the issues of small businesses here for a second. How can individual people show what they can offer as a service? How can people find another person to help them out on something that they need? Bars and restaurants already have services to get them noticed. What about people doing things for other people? Skyfer is there to help out.

With Skyfer, individuals can list what services they provide, and at what cost. That enters a database of other entries in a certain location, and customers can then access that list. A consumer can put in a request for help with something, like if they need a plumber for a leaky sink. Skyfer would then match that request with one of the services provided by people in the community, and that plumber would be sent to get the job done. People receive what they need, and workers find another revenue stream. Plus, the app is free on the Android marketplace. Windows and iOS models are in the works and will be available soon.


By thinking small, Skyfer is thinking big. (...see what I did there? Third grade paragraph construction, baby!) By focusing more on individual services than actual businesses, Skyfer can give users the interpersonal relationship that’s sometimes missing from some of the bigger finder apps that work best in big cities. With so many startup companies working in big cities, it’s easy to forget that there’s a huge market that isn’t in a big city with a multiple coffee shops, bars and restaurants on every block. For those people, that are just looking to work with good people that can get things done easily and efficiently, Skyfer can make a major impact.

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