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Manage Your Light Switches And Appliances with Den

This home assistant app is the remote control for a London-based smart product that lets you be in control of their light switches.

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The luxury of having an AI-powered house was once a farfetched concept. But we now live in a reality where home assistant devices are slowly integrating themselves into our everyday lives, allowing us to control our devices with voice commands or even a simple swipe on our phones.

Founder Yasser Khattak is best known for his improvement of the light switch and plug socket. As a wildly innovative teenage entrepreneur, he sought an efficient solution that would transform the way people interacted with their homes— and eventually took the startup world by storm with Den.

Today’s App of the Week is essentially a remote control for a London-based, environmentally friendly smart product that lets you be in control of their light switches. After downloading Den and creating your account, you can add your Den smart devices to manage all of your lights and appliances.

Similar to the iPhone’s Screen Time feature, this home assistant app keeps track of your daily electricity use. You can view your activity and adjust energy spending accordingly, excusing yourself from unpleasantly high bills in the future. And if you need to turn off all lights at once (especially if you’re rushing in the morning), Den makes it easy with one tap of a button.

The app offers two additional features that go beyond limited in-home interaction. Care notifies friends and family if your activity decreases so that they can ensure your well-being, while Safety alerts you if you forgot to turn off heat appliances. No more worrying about the dangers of living alone or if you unplugged your hair straightener; Den has your back.

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For now, Den is only available in the UK, but their team hopes to also launch in the USA and Europe sometime this year. Khattak’s ultimate vision for Den is for it to become a normal, user-friendly extension of the modern home—so far, his journey seems extremely promising.

Purchasing this product (and downloading the app) will make your home life significantly easier, if not cooler. Let Den keep you connected with your home wherever you go!

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