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Ripl: The Best Free Social Media Video Maker

Ripl is a social media video maker app that allows users to create branded graphics and videos to instantly post to their social media profiles.

App Store Preview of Ripl app

Scrolling through social media, we often come across an influencer or a company that looks like they have their sh*t together. Their color scheme is consistent, the fonts are aligned with their brand, and their videos are the perfect representation of who they are. Then you take a look at your own or your business’ social media feed and you realize that you’re not quite up to par. Our App of the Week, Ripl, is the best free social media video maker that will help you create consistency across all your social accounts.

Ripl is a freemium app (we’ll get to that later) that lets you create branded videos and images to instantly post to your social media profiles. Whether it’s for your own personal account or for your company’s account, Ripl allows you to create consistency across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. With Ripl, you can use your own pictures and videos to create templates for content that include your colors and fonts to match your brand. Once content is created and ready, you can instantly post from Ripl. Once posted, Ripl provides engagement metrics so you can see how your posts are performing.

Now, we mentioned that Ripl is a freemium app; Ripl is free to use but offers a wide variety of additional features with the Ripl Pro subscription ($14.99/month, $119.99/year). Ripl Pro offers access to over 200 design templates and over 150 fonts (or you can use your own fonts). You can also brand your posts with your logo and choose from over 250 music tracks to ensure that all aspects of your video match your brand. While Ripl allows you to post instantly, Ripl Pro allows you to schedule posts ahead of time so you can save time in the future. 

Screenshots of Ripl app

With 4.8/5 stars in the App Store, Ripl is the best free social media video maker to create consistency for your brand. Ripl also has over 150 upvotes on Product Hunt and has been featured by Social Media Examiner and Inc. as one of the best apps for creating social media content. Softonic featured Ripl as one of the top online services for influencers.

Improve your social media content and download Ripl.

But enough about other people's apps.


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