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Whether you are a tourist, a newbie or a native New Yorker- you most likely have found yourself a bit overwhelmed at some point. With…

Whether you are a tourist, a newbie or a native New Yorker- you most likely have found yourself a bit overwhelmed at some point. With all of the cultural, food, nightlife and transportation options you may need some assistance. Lucky for you, if you’re strolling the streets with a Smartphone or tablet at your side, you’ll be able to access some helpful tools.

My personal favorite and suggestion to everybody is to download Hopstop ASAP. This app will help you navigate the hectic city and get you to where you need to be. You can choose driving directions, mass transit directions or walking directions that will lead you from point A to point B. A nice bonus is that it will account for changes in subway service so you’ll never be left hanging (or confused). The step by step directions make any transportation situation an ease.

If you’re anything like me, you love to get lost in Central Park for hours. Being in the middle of such a magnificent park is never a bad thing- until you need to find your way out and get somewhere in a hurry. Here’s where myNav: Central Park comes in handy. This app supplies you with maps of the pathways and landmarks as well as giving you real time directional routing. If you’re surrounded by trees and desperately trying to figure out how to get to the west side to visit the Museum of Natural History, this app has your back.

One of the best things about being in a big city is all of the food and entertainment options available at your fingertips, literally. Make sure to download UrbanDaddy and let it do some of the work for you. You can choose what you want to do (eat, drink, shop etc), who you’re with (friends, ex-boyfriend, co-workers etc), what you want your adventure to be like (trendy, wild, mellow etc) and based off of the time of day and location, this baby will spit out a list of suggestions for you and your partners in crime. Whether you’re new in the area and don’t know what’s around or you’re a local and bored of your normal spots- UrbanDaddy will be sure to find a spot that will keep you entertained and satisfied.

The infinite amount of dining options would leave you to believe that getting into a certain restaurant wouldn’t be a pain: wrong. Of course that one place you’ve been dying to try is always packed, so make sure to have Opentable with you at all times. You can search restaurants in the area and make yourself a reservation- quick and painless. Say you’re out with your friend shopping and you decide you want to grab dinner in a few hours; instead of waiting an hour for a table you can plan a bit in advance and have a cozy seat with your name on it. Four people at 8 pm? They’ll be expecting you.

Don’t let the city conquer you. Come prepared with your apps and you’ll be running the town in no time.

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