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Technology: Golf’s New Best Friend

    The time of smartphone-free golf courses is over. With the exponential increase of smartphone usage over the past few years, iPhone and Android…

The time of smartphone-free golf courses is over. With the exponential increase of smartphone usage over the past few years, iPhone and Android app developers have taken advantage of the functionality of smartphones to enhance practitioners’ experiences. For golfers, these means reappropriating capabilities like GPS, video, and even the Internet itself as range finders, swing analysis tools, and golf fitness guides.

Golf GPS

Applications in the range finder category that can be found in the App Store include Swing by Swing Golf, Yardage, and Sky Droid, but the standout in the category is GolfLogix.

GolfLogix is an iPhone app and website with a diverse set of social capabilities. Users are able to interact with other golfers by posting to each other’s walls, posting pictures for others to see, and hosting competitions between groups of friends. The application also has the ability to keep track of on-course statistics, such as putts, fairways hit, and greens hit, which can help determine what needs to be practiced off the golf course. Hole-by-hole scoring is easy to use and convenient, and it also enables golfers to look back at previous rounds played. This application can be considered the ultimate social networking medium for golfers around the country, combining practical on-course tools as well as ways to interact with others.

Swing Analysis

Applications that can be used for golf swing analysis include SwingReader, Golf SwingPlane, and iSwing Golf, but V1 Golf stands out as an app used by many well known golf coaches and players.

V1 Golf enables a player to record swinging on their iPhone or iPad and has various tools to facilitate swing analysis, such as a frame-by-frame slow motion feature and a line drawing function used to analyze fundamentals. Another major feature is the ability to compare one's swing to that of a professional, which gives insight to fundamental mistakes that may be present in a given golf swing.

These swing analysis apps enable golfers to work on their game while at the same time having the luxury of video analysis. In today’s age, golf is becoming a technical sport that requires various forms of technical analysis; however, with everyone having a smartphone, many of the tools that are used for swing analysis are accessible to anyone just a click away.

Golf Fitness

Applications that are used to enhance one's fitness level in order to play better golf include Golf Fitness Made Easy, Golf Stretch, and FitPlay, but Nike Golf 360 is the leader.

Nike Golf 360 is an iPhone application that can be run with a Facebook, Twitter, or Nike Plus account and enables golfers to learn a series of stretches and exercises targeting different muscle groups. In turn, they’re able to enhance their body flexibility and strength and ultimately improve their golf game. The app integrates fitness with swing analysis and statistic recording capabilities, as well as the ability to browse Nike apparel.

Golf applications are becoming more prevalent in the golf community, converting a classical game into a high tech sport. Without a smartphone, a person is missing out on what the wonders of technology can do to improve their game both on the golf course and on the driving range and gym.

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