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TechStars Twinkle on Bloomberg TV

It seems that aside from a tiny apartment, an idea for a start-up is the latest must have accessory for a trendy life in New York City.  Perhaps the city really never sleeps because it’s chugging red bull into the wee hours while working manically on a business plan.  As anyone who’s ever set foot inside a college dorm knows, high stress environments are the perfect incubators for drama.  It was only a matter of time before the frenetic energy of the New York City tech scene became the subject of a reality series.

Startups Steal The Spotlight

Bloomberg TV’s documentary series, which premieres September 13, will follow the trials and tribulations of the 11 companies that endured TechStars’ inaugural 3 month New York City program.  Chosen from 600 applicants, the 11 contestants received up to $18,000 in seed funding--just enough to blossom, but not to get too comfortable.  To make the deal even sweeter, they were also mentored by industry trailblazers who guided them through the process and doled out helpful product and strategy advice.  Their frantic journey ended with an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to pitch their visions to an audience of hundreds of angel investors and venture capitalists.


While it seems as though the series will certainly be more focused on SEO than GTL, TechStars probably won’t become the next Jersey Shore, but it very well could become Bloomberg’s version of The Apprentice.  Is Bloomberg looking to make a pivot of his own?

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