The FitBark- Fitness Apps are for Dogs, too

You can stare into your dog's big brown eyes and babble to him all day about all your problems, and he'll listen. But if you've…

You can stare into your dog's big brown eyes and babble to him all day about all your problems, and he'll listen. But if you've got a question for him about his day, you might be better off asking the team over at FitBark. You can't yet ask if the sweaters you make him wear are his color, but you will be able to tell if he's gotten enough of a walk today.

The device, much like a Nike FuelBand or a FitBit, tracks your dog’s activity by motion sensor technology and sends the information to an iOS app. The company is also working on Android compatibility. It's shaped like a dog treat that comes in 5 colors and attaches to the pooch's collar.

The app takes into consideration your dog's weight, size, and age to let you know how much exercise he's gotten in the day as a percentage of what he needs on the top of the screen. The app also provides you with some quick and friendly feedback via a 'BarkScore,' which lets you know in a metric how you're doing as a pet parent. It's going to get better. In an interview with Mashable, co-founder Micheal Chiang said “As we gather more data from the growing community of FitBark users, we'll be able to identify trends which are meaningful and will be able to break down the information in a more granular way. The goal is to use historical information to be able to guide actions in the future through recommendations and even develop predictive capabilities.”

The device connects to the app automatically when the dog is close to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or the FitBark home base, which is a small station that synchs up any and all dogs wearing a FitBark. The dog couldn’t be bothered to do any manual entering- neither should you. All you have to do is charge the battery every 10 days. The device also has up to 3 weeks of memory storage, if it's unable to synch up with the home base or a smartphone.

The FitBark joins an illustrious list of pet gadgets that have been developed over the past few years, from a high-tech self-cleaning litter box to a dog bark translator. While we can be reasonably certain that our pets won't really care one way or another how tech'd they become, devices like FitBark can only help us become better pet parents.

Before you see the FitBark at your local pet store, the team has to raise some money with a KickStarter campaign. Among the offered gifts are a FitBark for guinea pigs and a day with the dog that can skateboard. That’s awesome.

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