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The Forbidden Fruit of “the vine”

Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat the apple from the forbidden tree. She gives the fruit to Adam and with this their eyes…

Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat the apple from the forbidden tree. She gives the fruit to Adam and with this their eyes were opened to their nakedness. Overcome with shame, they covered their bodies in leaves.

In 2013, the modern day Eve is tempted with a different kind of spruce, a vine to be exact. Vine, a mobile app that allows users to upload a 6 second video to their profile or via Twitter, was launched last week. Received greatly by audiences as the first app of its kind, it was not long before it was hit with a wave of controversy.

Vine’s eyes were indeed opened  to nakedness in the form of 6 second clips of porn. Overcome with a similar shame, the app was forced to make some corrections and cover up these bodies.

As of this morning, searched hashtags, including #porn, #sex, #naked, no longer provide results. This is not to say Vine has been rid of the pornography, but they indeed made it harder to find.

Why the sudden rush to fix the issue? Over the weekend, Vine was removed from the Editor’s Choice section in the App Store when news, of rampant 6 second pornos, hit the scene. A pornogrophic video appeard on the main page of the app. According to reps from Twitter- “human error” led to this video appearing on the Editors Pick section of the app.

Vine has had huge success in its opening week, becoming one of the top downloaded free apps. But could they be facing some trouble with the recent scandal? Apple may have pulled it from its Editor’s Choice section, but could they end up pulling the app from the Store entirely? Currently, the app is only available on Apple devices.

All this aside, should we be shocked by this porn flux on Vine? NOT AT ALL. Porn has been a huge part of the internet since the days of dial-up. Now we are in the world of mobile applications. We use our devices for everything and anything. With the word “sexting” in our daily book of vocab, are we surprised that people use this new video sharing app in a similar way?

Hopefully Vine has succeeded in covering up their nakedness with leaves. All our eyes have been opened. Adam and Eve were punished for their failure to uphold their promise of steering clear of the forbidden fruit. Will Vine be hit with a similar consequence for this mishap?

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